2019 Supply Chain Report 
There is no doubt that the supply chain and logistics sector is undergoing an important transformation as new technological solutions come into everyday use, driven by market trends. The advent of increasing customer demands is making organizations realise they need to invest in providing the information that their customer wants… visibility!

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Highlights include:

  • A clear shift in the resistance to change: 31% cited this as the biggest obstacle to innovation in 2018 compared to just 6% in 2019
  • Potential of blockchain remains unclear: The average respondent believes the technology is overhyped
  • Rise of warehouse robotics: 25% of respondents are testing robotics in a limited number of warehouses; up 7% from 2018
  • There is strong belief in AI: There is a clear consensus that AI will continue to have a massive impact on the industry and yield true RoI
Executive insights from 100 retailers/manufacturers 
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