Europe’s most influential meeting point for the supply chain industry 
Your strategic roadmap to customer centric success

Now more than ever, it is critical for supply chain logistics providers to focus their operations around the needs of your customers. Gearing their strategies towards Agility, Visibility, Responsiveness & Growth is the key. With the industry shrouded in uncertainty and inconsistency, leading executives must collaborate with the right partners for the right reasons to overcome this challenging situation.

The 3PL & Supply Chain Summit: Europe (14-16 Oct, Brussels) is the chosen meeting point for over 400+ supply chain & logistics executives to come together to push the capabilities and intelligence of their operations to the limit.

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Key topics include:

  • Boost AGILITY: Develop a nimble digital framework, diverse delivery strategies and flexible network design to create a dynamic supply chain which nurtures innovation
  • Achieve VISIBILITY:  Increase sensory data points and real time track & trace to enhance customer touchpoints and control tower visibility
  • RESPOND effectively: Nurture a data driven culture, embedded with granular analytics to empower real-time and customer centric decisions that adapt to market fluctuations
  • Maximise GROWTH: Overcome capacity crunches, evolve your workforce and balance P&Ls with sustainability and customer at the core. Beat the competition
Best in class speaker faculty including:
20 hours of unmissable networking:

  • New app for the 2019 Summit to help you navigate the summit, never miss anything and get exclusive insights on all sessions and speakers
  • 2 Fantastic networking parties for you to connecting with other executives over a drink or two to grow your network and develop your business
  • Pre/post event online networking centre - fill your diary with meetings before stepping foot onsite 
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